Repeal the XVII Amendent

A major problem with the federal government today is the lack of power of the average person. This will never be overcome with the elections of our representatives.

The whole reason for the seventh amendment was to take away the ruling class and give the people of each state the power to control their officials in Washington, however in today’s media and money controlled government our Senators have become agents of the rich and the especially the politic parties they run under.

A Senator therefore no longer worries about their states and its people, but they follow a different master. A Senator appointed by the State legislators makes the Senators a representative of the state. This means they would have to follow the wants of their citizens and there by making politics what it should be, local.

Another addition in the repeal would be to lengthen the term of House members to four years. Today a House member only has a little less than a year to do any work. The second year they are campaigning and unable to conduct any meaningful legislation. Any laws passed and votes made in the second year bring the congressmen under the microscope for possible re-election fights they do not want. So the Congress stalls.

Under a four year term they could do meaningful work for at least three years. This would also take much of the money out of the constant campaigning done in the current two year term.

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